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I probably won't have the sanity to deal with your problems but tell me all about them anyway.
My name's Danielle. I'm 22.

I'm passionate about '90s childhood nostalgia, feminist rants, Emma Stone, and the pastel color palette.

Ocasionally, I have heartwarming revelations about existing on the planet.

If you didn't want to walk into a child's bedroom in the 1980s, this is the wrong door.
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Is it weird that I feel like SpongeBob more accurately depicts employment in these trying economic times than any other show?

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I don’t get the point of arguing with someone with the intent of changing their mind about something. I’m always down for discussing opposing viewpoints and learning what another person thinks about something but I feel like people will argue with an air of importance and will be like “YOU ARE SO WRONG AND I’M TRYING TO SAVE YOU FROM HOW WRONG YOU ARE” and like, no, I’m never interested in any scenario where I’m wrong.

And that’s simply impossible. I’m never wrong.

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This song has been stuck in my head all day and it’s a neat tune to groove to.

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I binge-watched Friends while going through A Thing and through the course of my life, I’ve seen this episode dozens of times but when you’re going through A Thing and somewhere, there exists a set of words that punch you in the gut, it changes those words for every future time you hear them. I think that’s really cool but also I felt the whole of my chest drop into my stomach while reading this.

I just want to shake the hand of the writer who wrote this line, ‘cause it meant a lot to me during an integral time of my life.

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gurl, you might be in love with Shawn Hunter but you deserve a Cory Matthews

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Wow, menstruating is so weird, you just sit in your bed eating honey mustard seasoned pretzels and crying about this photoset at 2:30 in the morning and that’s not considered bizarre by any standards

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Flies do not understand English and even if they could, they probably would not go anywhere if you asked them to because they are assholes.

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Well, my mental breakdown was definitely menstruation inspired and it’s fucking painful and I want to die.

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saundert replied to your post “A good indication that you should quit your job is when you start…”

I am still in town if you want someone to cry at or with you can come over.

Thank you for the kind offer, friend, but I think I’m tryinna just eat some Chocolate Therapy and have some passion fruit juice alone; I’m not really in the state where People should be allowed to see me.

But you are a great and lovely best friend and I appreciate this.

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